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World Wide Domain

You can host domains from any country, extensions, we are hosting thousands of domains from all over the world including .uk, .be, .eu, .mk, .es, .mx and all other extensions. Only change name server "DNS" for your domain name and your are good to go...

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back GuaranteeTech Plus wants to make sure our customers are equally satisfied.30 days money back guarantee If you decide that you are not completely satisfy happy, within 30 days from when your initial order was placed, you'll receive your money back.

24/7 Live Support

24/7 Live Support

99.9% Uptime

99.9% uptime

Award Winning Web Hosting

Award Winning Web Hosting

What we do?

TechPlus is giving complete web solution to its customers that includes Domain Registration, Website Development, Website Hosting, Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. All the five solutions will help your business to get a PlUS in world wide market.

Domain Registration

Domain RegistrationWhy do you need to register your domain? The answer of this question is simple. If you are an online marketer or businessman you need to have a website. Website is your online presence on internet and you can boost your sale, products and services by having a website. Lacking a domain name registration you cannot contain a website. Having a website is totally dissimilar from a blog. You can run a blog for promoting your products & services but you cannot conduct proper business through it. Because it is free and do not gives you more rights. Domain name registration will publicly give you with a URL that will be specially yours and no one else is capable to use it. People entering your domain name would be directed towards your website. Once you are done with domain registration process, the next thing you need do is create your website and publicized it on internet.

Website Development

Website DevelopmentDemand for websites has always been rising and so is the claim for website development. A website is not group of web content ordered under home page. It includes many pages, videos, and pictures, audio and games also. It imitates the online presence of your business. So, website development wants to be carefully planned and done by a professional developer or the team of experienced developers. But designing and developing a great website is hard task. It needs a lot of planning & right implementation and especially a definite method. Website is created by different methods two are main one is CMS and other is Language. But in these days CMS is most widely used in website development. Before start building website, you need to visibly define the purpose of the website development. If the purpose is obvious, it is easier to infer the requirements. There are few basic requirements of a website, which can be; Usability, Accessibility and Cost.

Website Hosting

Website HostingAt present world is becoming ever more online. People signing into their social media accounts, sending emails, watching videos or chatting with friends round the world have turn into a normal part of life. Similarly, there are also vast peoples who raise their own websites as they blog. And as the sources for putting up a website have turn into more handy because of technology, even more people follow and choose to put up their own websites. If you desire that you have a site then develop your sites from professional developer and for publishing it you require website hosting. There are many types of website hosting and normally people seeking for free service. But it is not feasible because in website hosting you must know about these things about security, type of hosting, reason to choose hosting and problems faced in website hosting. In this article you know about these points in detail.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationSEO is the plan used to boost the exposure of a given website. As opposed to paid ad, proper SEO is an option that allows a website to raise its exposure physically. Primary goal of SEO is to rank highly in well liked search engines. So, it is clearly smart to target keywords that are virtual to your niche and profitable. There are both on and off-page SEO techniques used today. Both are evenly as important & necessary. On-page plan focuses the general design and development of a website to make the website obvious and easily indexed by Internet search engines. Off-page SEO techniques consist of different link building activities. When Google ranks your website or blog, it evaluates the number & quality of backlinks. The aim of the keyword research process is to find high traffic and low competition search terms that are related to your niche. Targeting these keywords correctly will result in targeted traffic; which is far more likely to produce sales.

Internet Marketing

Internet MarketingInternet marketing is a difficult thing and uses all the marketing methods & tools offered to make visibility and make web traffic. All online operation bet on Internet marketing to take it forward effectively. You have numerous Internets marketing tools that can confirm of your visibility extend afar your thoughts, across the huge domains of search engines; enables you to offer your products and services to new horizons. While doing it yourself, if you have the vital expertise, is actually the best proposal, you would, in all possibility, do well in allowing a professional to grip your Internet marketing from scratch to finish. Internet marketing tools can give a nice help hand to internet marketers looking to mechanize sure aspects of their business. It is vital to bear in mind that internet marketing tools do not openly contribute to traffic, leads, and sales. But just help do tasks that help these results be achieved in an extra time competent manner.

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